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The Kakita River in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture is Japan's shortest class A river.

The Kakita River only 1.2 kilometers long, fed by the Kakitagawa Spring Group, is the shortest class A river in Japan. The class A river means a specified waterway of special importance protected by the Government. The melted snow and rainwater over Mt. Fuji seep deep into the mountain body and finally gush out as very clean water from many places at the foot of the mountain after several decades. The Kakitagawa Spring Group is one of the largest of these springs, with dozens of major springs alone. This spring group is world-class one, with a daily flow of 1 million cubic meters of gushing water at a temperature of about 15°C all the year around. This enormous amount of spring water forms the Kakita River before flowing into Suruga Bay. Mt. Fuji, which is made of a layer of lava from numerous eruptions in the distant past, is a natural filtration system making the spring water super clean. The Kakita River is said to have the cleanest water in Japan.

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