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Client reviews 2019

This was my second time to go to Japan.
20 years ago I went to Japan for a stopover on my way through to Bangkok from London.
So this was my first time to go to Japan since then.
The last time I came here, I got caught in the hustle and bustle of all of the people and the traffic, and before I knew it my trip was over without me really seeing much of Tokyo.
The Tokyo transportation system was very clean and on time but it was so complicated for me to figure out. Furthermore, most of the people I tried to speak to unable to understand English. The last time I went to Japan, I realized that even though Tokyo is such a big city it is very clean and organized, unlike other major cities in Asia like Bangkok.
This time I went to Japan with my family. I decided to look for a tour guide to show us around Tokyo. My friend recommended me to Mr. Takaki. He told me that Mr. Takaki used to work at Toto company and is now retired. He said that Mr. takaki is so knowledgeable about everything to do with Tokyo and also the rest of Japan.
Mr. Takaki and I sent some emails back-and-forth before our arrival. Send me information about our detailed travel plan. He tailored the tour to our request. He even came to our hotel to greet us on the day of the tour. When we met him in person we thought that he was such a friendly and interesting guy. So we decided to leave everything up to him. We were then able to experience a very enjoyable to around Tokyo. After the tour, he even was able to recommend us a very delicious and reasonably priced Tempura restaurant that wasn’t in the guidebook. We asked him if he would like to join us to eat at the tempura restaurant. He said he would be very happy to join us and we enjoyed a lovely meal together. During the dinner, he told us many interesting things about the history and culture of Japan.
After visiting Tokyo we planned to go to Kyoto and Osaka. To hearing this Mr. takaki quickly introduced us to a local guide living in that area, this was very kind of him. The guide who showed us around Kyoto and Osaka was also very helpful and friendly.
Thanks to these amazing tour guides we were able to enjoy our trip to Japan that we will never forget for the rest of our lives. We will definitely recommend him to our friends or family who plan to visit Tokyo.

Aug, 2019/ Jonathon Black and family/ London, U.K

The main purpose of our visit to Japan was to see sumo.
I watched sumo on TV from when I was a child and to actually see the big sumo wrestlers in person was a long-term dream of mine.
I researched and found that there are only three tournaments a year in Tokyo. In addition to that, I realized that it is nearly impossible to get a ticket to one of these tournaments.
We therefore gave up on seeing a sumo tournament in person in Tokyo.
So we decided to look for a tour guide who could take us to a local sumo stable so that we could see a morning training session.
We were so lucky to find Mr. Takaki through searching the Internet.
We inquired with many other tour guides in Tokyo but all of them told us that it was difficult to be able to go to one of these morning training sessions.
The sumo training session was such an amazing experience for us.
It was so exciting to have the sumo wrestlers battling and hear the heavy breathing right in front of us.
We actually believe that viewing one of these morning sumo training sessions is even better than going to a sumo tournament.
It was especially nice to be able to take photos with the sumo wrestlers after the training session.
We are not allowed to talk while the sumos are training, so after the session Mr. Takaki explained to us about sumo wrestlers’ everyday life, the history of sumo, cultural background and the profound sumo culture and so on.
We thought that sumo was just like any other martial arts, but we now realize that sumo  actually has a much deeper history and culture. We were really impressed by this fact.
In the afternoon, while showing us around central Tokyo, he explained how to use the Tokyo transportation system and also showed us restaurants for Tokyo locals and other interesting sightseeing spots.
This was then very beneficial for us to look around Tokyo by ourselves.
We were able to have a wonderful experience in Tokyo, thank you Mr. Takaki!
Please come to visit us someday in Sydney.

Sep, 2019/ Mr. and Mrs. Hardy/ Sydney, Australia

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