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Client reviews 2010

My name is Dorothy Johnson and I am from Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. My husband and I were very fortunate to have Mr. Masahisa Takaki as our friend and guide for our stay in Tokyo. It was our first time visiting Japan.
Even before we arrived in Japan Mr. Takaki was assisting us in many ways. We wanted to stay at a traditional Japanese Ryokhan for my birthday. It was overwhelming trying to find the right one on the internet in a country that you have never been before. Also, we wanted an authentic Japanese experience but didn't have any experience in what that was so was unsure of where to book. Mr. Takaki provided us with a list of choices of several beautiful ryokans. He also assisted me in finding out about availability since some sites were completely in Japanese. It was a holiday weekend in Japan so places were full. Without Mr. Takaki, I know we would never found that beautiful ryokan nestled in the mountains, with a river right under our balcony. It was truly an authentic Japanese experience and it made my birthday unforgettable.
Mr. Takaki communicated with me often prior to our visit. He asked about what we were interested and what we most wanted to see during our visit. He also offered suggestions of the different activities and suggestions for my birthday weekend.
When we arrived in Japan. Mr. Takaki immediately contacted us and gave us specific instructions on which train to take and what the times were. He was very accurate and it was comforting to have some we can call in a strange, new place. When we arrived at the train station, Mr. Takaki was exactly on the platform he said he would be at waiting for us.
Mr. Takaki showed us all over Tokyo and the suburbs. He also took us on a day trip to Hakone. He checked us in our traditional ryokan kindly translating everything. My husband and I didn't know any Japanese except for a few words. For every kind of excursion we had planned, whether it be guided by him or not, Mr. Takaki gave us specific train instructions with the best times for our schedule. I can't say enough how invaluable it was for us to have his help. The transportation system in Japan is amazing and intimidating!
Mr. Takaki also was very kind to take the time to try and teach me the subway system. It's not easy and it is overwhelming, but really the best way to get around town. He also showed me the best places to shop for gifts and Japanese things to take home with us.
Mr. Takaki was knowledgeable and gave us all sorts of interesting stories and historical facts about the places we visited. He gave us glimpses of every day life. His English was excellent and we would of been so lost without his translation services.
We had appointments in Yokohama with Horiyoshi and Mr. Takaki assisted us in finding the small studio and made sure we had correct train times and schedules for future appointments.
We told Mr. Takaki the types of Japanese food that we loved and others we wanted to try. He then provided us with a list of different restaurants specializing in those things. Every suggestion made was perfect.
I have used private guides in 7 different countries and Mr. Takaki was by far the most thorough and organized guide we have ever had. He catered to our schedules, our interests, and at the pace we wanted. I thoroughly researched several different guides for our stay in Japan. Most offered less service for twice as much in guiding costs.
I absolutely and without hesitation recommend Mr. Takaki as a guide for any group of any size. If you use his services, you will be taken care of completely. He will assist in making your trip to Japan the most unforgettable experience ever.
I chose Mr. Takaki because on his website it says "It's like having a friend in Japan." That's what we wanted. He really made us feel like we had a friend in Japan. We are back home know and we still feel like we have a friend in Japan. Mr. Masahisa Takaki.

October 2010/ Dorothy Johnson

Young couple / California U.S.A.

The tour was so great ! I saw lots of places that weren't usual tourist spots, but were really interesting, that I 'm sure most tourists wouldn't see. He was very knowledgeable, and a really nice and friendly guy. I hope to take different tours with him in the future, and find more unexplored gems in every corner of Tokyo!

Sept 2010. / T.P.

San Francisco, U.S.A.

Mr. Takaki's tour of Mt.Fuji was wouderful. He is very knowledgeableb about the wildlife and nature in Japan. I highly recommend his tour because it is unique and his flexible schedule can meat your needs. Have fun!

Sep 2010. / M.B.

Washington D.C., U.S.A.

I took a city tour with Mr.Takaki during my visit to Tokyo on August 2010. He was helpful, informative and polite. I would definitely recommend him for any visitor.

August 2010 / A.A.

Single traveler / Saudi Arabia

Simply, Mr.Takaki is the best tour guide we will find in Japan. He is very knowledgeable, patient and courteous. He can communicate in English in a very proficient manner, and he is very efficient in planning and arranging the itineraries. We especially enjoyed the tea ceremony he arranged for us in Okura Hotel in Tokyo. We would recommend him to anyone planning to visit Japan.

August 2010 / J.P.

Family with young children / New York, U.S.A.

I lucked into finding Mr. Takaki's homepage, which offered splendid guide services at quite low cost! I chose a half-day tour , which started bright and early at a famous sumo wrestling ring which was really impressive and up-close, not many outsiders have this experience, from here we headed to tsukiji for a feast of raw fish, filling our bellies with ambrosia!

May 2010 / E.J.G. (Stockbroker)

Mature couple / New York, U.S.A.

Upon my recent trip to Tokyo, particularly the Shinjuku area, on business, I found myself with some free time to fill. This being my first time in this fast paced and exciting city, I was quite enamored to explore it, but with no language ability or the slightest idea where to begin, I found Mr. Masahisa Takaki's web site. He was available at my convenience, cordial, fluent, impeccably dressed and mannered. He was concerned with what I was interested in doing, avoiding the cliché and obvious sight, and focused on tasteful areas to visit, eat and drink. Due to his assured guidance, my time on this city was informative, shocking, sublime and delicious. I would recommend him to, all who wish to explore the more tasteful and unexplored parts of Tokyo.

January 2010 / W.J.(Commodities consultant)

Single traveler / Chicago, U.S.A.

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