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Client reviews 2012

As first time travellers to Japan speaking no Japanese Takaki-san was the perfect tour guide. He is so friendly and professional, and arranged an unforgettable morning filled with cultural experiences which we would not have been able to have but for his help. We visited a Sumo morning training, the Edo Tokyo museum and finally a traditional tea ceremony for a morning packed with history and tradition. Each experience gave us a small insight into the fascinating depths of formality and beauty still much respected in the land of the Rising Sun. Thank you so much Takaki-san, your wealth of local and historical knowledge, friendly demeanour and excellent English gave us a chance to experience a side to Tokyo we will never forget.

Dec.2012 / C.Y.C

Two families / Jakarta. Indonesia

We totally enjoyed having you be our guide around Tokyo. The information that you gave along the way really helped us to appreciate the history and culture of places. We liked that you were willing to accommodate changes to the itinerary. Without doubt we will be recommending your services to our friends.

Dec.2012 / David, Christine and Enoch

Family / Melbourne. Australia

Where do I even begin to review such a memorable, incredible guide? Let me rephrase that: by the end of the day, you will consider him a friend. Mr. Tataki is kind,thoughtful,considerate, understanding, adaptable but above all else, fun! He knows just about anything you ask him, and can explain it in a simple, easy to digest way. We went to small local restaurants and ate alongside regular Japanese people in a purely Japanese environment. Whether it was the ramen in Harajuku, or the Hida beef in Takayama, all our moments were fun and exciting. I will be hiring him next time I go to Japan, and that decision is not based on his knowledge, but on him as a person. No matter what the situation was at the moment he was flexible, never showing stress or discomfort; a true gentleman and professional. Please do not hesitate to email me if you wanna know anything else:

Nov. 2012/O.A.

Single traveler/ Miami, U.S.A.

Your guiding trip was excellent, we will for sure reccomended you to all our friends n family who will going to visit japan. Eventhough we're late for the start but mr masahisa still wait patiently and did show us all the places like in the itineary, and even more that its written. We go to mostly major tourist attractions in one day!!! , where maybe most people need more than 2-3 days to go and see those places. We are very happy to have you as our tour guide, not only we can learn more about the culture and history but you also make our trip here more effecient and easier, we know how to ride n see the right train platform etc :). My husband is very delighted with the trip, he want to go back to japan next year :)!! Thank you once again, and I hope we can meet again next time.

Oct. 2012 / E.L

Young couple / Jakarta, Indonesia

If you plan to visit Japan I strongly suggest you hire a professional tour guide otherwise you will be wasting your valuable time trying to read maps, and other people's review who may not share same interests as you do.
I was very pleased when I contacted Mr. Takaki on my recent visit to Tokyo. He took his time asking me the right questions and inquired to know my interests, so he may create a personalized itinerary.
He is a very pleasant, calm, and most importantly very knowledgeable about history of events that shaped Japan. Every step of the way he and his associates took their time to explain small details that most people will leave off for sake of big picture. Bottom line in matter of 8 hours my friends and I were able to visit some of the most interesting sites in Tokyo, ride the massive and complicated train system, and enjoyed strolling through various shopping districts. Trust Mr. Takaki's judgments and allow him to personalized a tour itinerary, relax and enjoy what Japan has to offer.

May 2012 / A.S

group / San Francisco, U.S.A.

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