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Inoue Masaru is known as the father of Japan's railways.

There is a statue in the square in front of the Marunouchi Exit of JR Tokyo Station. This person is Inoue Masaru, who was born into a samurai family of the Choshu domain, present Yamaguchi Prefecture, in1843. When he was young, he went to London to study civil engineering together with four other young samurais from the same domain, Ito Hirofumi, Japan's first prime minister later on, included. They are called "Five heroes" in the Choshu domain. After returning home, he was appointed the Minister of Railways to push the railway construction throughout Japan. The father of the social infrastructure in modern Japan consists of three great people, who are Maejima Hisoka who established the postal system, Goto Shinpei who directed the reconstruction of Tokyo after the Great Kanto Earthquake, and he.

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Masahisa Takaki.

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