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The former Yasuda Teien in Ryogoku, Tokyo, originally was a garden of a daimyo feudal lord.

Being not that big though, this Japanese garden is one of three *Shioiri-Kaiyushiki-Gardens in Tokyo, together with Hama-rikyu Garden and Shiba-rikyu Garden.

*Shioiri-Kaiyushiki-Garden means a stroll garden with a central pond, the water of which is brought from adjacent sea or river. The water level and shape of the pond change in accordance with the rise and fall of the tide.

It originally was a private garden of a daimyo feudal lord which had been repeatedly refined in the 17th-19th century. In 1900, after the feudal age, the founder of Yasuda financial conglomerate owned this garden. And was opened to the public in 1927, under the control of Tokyo Metropolitan Government. In this connection, the water level of the central pond is artificially varied now by the big underground tank with pump, instead of the ebb and flow of the tide.

Licensed tour guide, travel consultant,

Masahisa Takaki



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