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Many dolphins are periodically captured in an inlet of Taiji Town, Wakayama Prefecture.

Whales and dolphins have been captured mainly for food in Japan since time immemorial. Fish, whales and dolphins are essential to cover animal protein for Japanese people, as most of them live along seacoast lines. In addition, Buddhism prohibited to eat beef , pork and other meat of four-footed animals. Meat of sea animals has long been rooted in Japanese food culture instead of beef and pork. To say nothing of Tokyo and Osaka, it's becoming hard to find sea animal meat in big cities in Japan though, dolphin and small-sized whale meat are commonly sold at the supermarkets in Taiji Town and some other coastal towns in Japan. The picture shows the very place, where dolphins are caught during March and September every year. This place has become to be excessively infamous by a film 'The Cove'.

Licensed tour guide, travel consultant,

Masahisa Takaki.


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