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The Chichibu Night Festival is one of the most famous Hikiyama festivals in Japan.

A festival held with large floats being pulled around is categorized as a Hikiyama Festival. The Chichibu Night Festival is an annual festival of Chichibu Shrine, located in the center of Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture. The festival is thought to have taken its present form since the beginning of the 17th century, and hence has a history of nearly 400 years. In the past, the silk industry thrived in this region, and the silk product markets which lined the streets added unique color to the festival. Accordingly, this festival has another name, the Silkworm Festival. Two kasahoko floats and four yatai floats, designated as national important tangible folk cultural properties, are pulled around the old area of the city. Local kabuki, Japanese dances and Chichibu Shrine Kagura (Shinto dance with a musical accompaniment) are performed on a stage set up on top of the floats, adding glamour to the festival. These traditional performing arts are designated as national important intangible folk cultural assets. Yoimiya (the eve of the festival) is held on December 1, and Taisai (the main festival) is held on the following day, December 2. The festival climaxes after 10:00pm and ends at dawn.

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Masahisa Takaki.

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