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'Hitachi Seaside Park' in Ibaraki Prefecture was opened in 1991 and is still under expansion.

This extensive park, the total area of 350 hectares, is the former site of a training airfield of the Imperial Japanese Army before the second World War. After the war, this was taken over by the US Forces to be used as a firing and bombing training field. Thereafter, this was returned to Japan to be used as a huge public park run by the national government. This site once was a candidate of Tokyo Disneyland despite being far out of Tokyo, because of having a large enough area for the world wide them park. Known as a place for beautiful flowers throughout the year, such as tulips in April, nemophilas in May and Kochias in October. The picture shows the autumn leaves of kochias and cosmoses in full bloom. A kochia is called a broom plant in Japan as it was used to make a broom, and the tiny fruits of it is named 'Tonburi' for a special food in Akita Prefecture. Licensed tour guide, travel consultant, Masahisa Takaki.

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