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The Tateyama mountain range is the northern part of the Hida Mountains, so-called the Northern Alps.

The Tateyama mountain range, which is made up of a group of steep mountains, is an element of Chubu Sangaku National Park. The picture shows the Tateyama mountain range, 2,000-3,000 meters high, from Toyama City. To be more precise, the Ura-Tateyama mountain range stands off behind this mountain range across the Kurobe. These two mountain ranges jointly form a two-blade-like rugged mountain zone. Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine route, a well-known tourist spot, stretches over this area. Many peaks of this area have long been venerated as the objects of worship since time immemorial. Being included in a major volcanic zone in Japan, volcanic activity and a variety of volcanic landforms, such as calderas, plateaus of lava and extinct volcanic craters, are found here. Some glaciers and u-shaped valleys formed by former glaciers are also found here. These glacial landforms are unique to this area in Japan.

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