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The buildings along the Imperial Palace used to be restricted to the maximum height of 31 meters.

Around the inner moat of the Imperial Palace, 5 kilometers in circumference , in the very heart of Tokyo, many high-rise buildings are standing. Along the east of the inner moat, about 2 kilometers long, in particular, Japan's largest busyness centers, called Marunouchi and Hibiya, are lying. The buildings in this area used to be restricted to the maximum height of 31 meters before the Second World War in order to keep good cityscape. However this restriction was lifted during the period of high economic growth after the war, thus most old buildings were reconstructed into high-rise buildings. But the old buildings standing in the front row of the inner moat still remain as they were, 31 meters high, as shown in the picture.

As these buildings just face the Imperial Palace, where the Emperor and Empress live together, Japanese people haven't reconstructed the taller buildings than old ones.

Licensed tour guide,travel consultant,

Masahisa Takaki.


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