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Minoh Quasi-national Park in the north of Osaka City.

In 1967, 100 years after the beginning of Japan's modernization, two natural parks were simultaneously getting ready for the use of quasi-national park. They were Mt. Takao in Tokyo and Minoh in Osaka. About 1,000 hectares of the hilly land in the north of Osaka City, 100-600 meters high, was designated as a quasi-national park together with Mt. Takao. From the entrance of the park to the dead-end, where Minoh falls are found, a meandering promenade runs for 3 kilometers. Snow monkeys, old temples and souvenir shops are found along this route. 2 million people visit here every year, thanks to convenient access. The first picture shows beautiful autumn leaves of Japanese maples against the backdrop of Minoh falls. A tempura of maple leaves in the second picture is a specialty of this place.

Licensed tour guide, travel consultant,

Masahisa Takaki.


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