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'Matsuchi-yama Shoden' is a branch temple of Sensoji Buddhist Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo.

There is a small mound, less than 10 meters high, several minutes walking upstream the Sumida from Sensoji Buddhist Temple. Matsuchi-yama Shoden stands on the top of this mound as shown in the first picture. This neighborhood is a dry river bed of the Sumida, so has been repeatedly hit by flood waters since the dawn of history. This temple, however, has survived thanks to the favored location. Many marks of the combination of radishes and drawstring pouches are found here and there in this temple grounds, because the radishes signify the concord of husband and wife, and the pouches mean good business. The funny things are an offering of radishes and inclined elevator. as shown in the second and third pictures respectively. The visitors offer radishes instead of money, and also can use the inclined elevator to the main building if they are disabled or too old to climb the mound just 10 meters high.

Licensed tour guide, travel consultant,

Masahisa Takaki.




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