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Enpukuji Buddhist temple in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, was founded by a well-known warlord, Kato Kiyomasa.

As Kato Kiyomasa devoted himself to the Nichiren sect of Buddhism, this temple which was built in 1856 belongs to the Nichiren sect. The Tokugawa Shogun family and the ladies of Shogun's harem started to believe in this temple to drive out evil spirits at the beginning of the 19th century. Right after the end of samurai government ruled by the Tokugawa Shogun in the middle of the 19th century, the three Buddhist statues enshrined in the Edo Castle to exorcise evil spirits were dedicated to this temple, and they are found here even now.

Because of this historical background, this temple is exclusively permitted to use the family crest of the Tokugawas. It is said that the principal image of this temple embodies the life figure of Nichiren, the founder of Nichiren sect.

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Masahisa Takaki.


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