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Yufuin-onsen hot springs in Oita Prefecture has long featured "Osugi" and "Kinrinko".

Yufuin-onsen hot springs nestles cosily on Yufu Basin in Oita Prefecture. This decent hot spring resort is widely known across the country as it has neither big lodging facilities nor red-light districts which were commonly found in most resorts of this kind. Since the 1960s, in particular, full-fledged development had been exerted on this resort. Thus, most resort facilities attracting the visitors now were built in those 50 years. That is, only a few sightseeing spots date back to pre-war period. They are "Osugi" large cedar tree and "Kinrinko" pond as shown in the pictures. Firstly, Osugi of "Ogosha" Shinto shrine, which stands at the foot of a mountain commanding the entire area of Yufu Basin as if it were the guardian god of this resort. This cedar tree, 30 meters high and 4 meters in diameter, is estimated to be older than 1,000 years old. This divine tree was designated as a natural monument in 1934. Secondly, Kinrinko pond is found almost in the center of Yufu Basin. Hot springs and cold springs are gushing out at the same time from the bottom of the pond, so the difference in water temperature causes morning mist on the surface of it.

Licensed tour guide, travel consultant,

Masahisa Takaki.

全国通訳案内士 高木聖久。


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