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The Joren Falls on the Izu Peninsula is named after Joren-ji temple, which once stood beside the falls.

The Joren Falls in the central part of the Izu Peninsula, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, has a drop of 25 meters , a width of 7 meters, and the 15-meter deep waterfall basin.  Located in the upper reaches of the Kano River, the largest river on the peninsula, this water fall cascades down the step formed by the eruption of the volcanoes in the eastern Izu Peninsula, with columnar joints on both sides.  This waterfall is the largest one among others, such as the Banjo Falls and the Seven Falls of Kawazu which are found in the same river water area. 

By the way, the area around here is also known for wasabi horse radish cultivation. Wasabi is an essential condiment for many Japanese dishes such as sushi, sashimi and soba buckwheat noodles.  As wasabi cultivation requires a large amount of clean and cold water, Shizuoka and Nagano Prefectures are ideal for this purpose.  The second photo shows a wasabi field making the most of clean and cold water from the fall.  There are many wasabi fields here and there in this area.

Licensed tour guide, travel consultant,

Masahisa Takaki.

全国通訳案内士 高木聖久。


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