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Sogakudo of the Tokyo Music School is Japan's oldest concert hall in Western Style.

This old concert hall was built in 1890 for the practical use of the students of then Tokyo National Music School, present-day Tokyo University of the Arts. Due to the deterioration of the building, however, it was once dismantled in 1984 to relocate to the present place in Ueno Park, near the original place, in 1987. This is on the list of the important cultural assets of Japan, and is opened to the public. A variety of classical music concerts are periodically performed here, because this hall was totally renovated as a modern hall despite the old-fashioned exterior. A pipe organ of this hall, which was imported from the UK in 1920, is the oldest one in Japan for music concert use, and is still active.

Licensed tour guide, travel consultant,

Masahisa Takaki


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