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Jindai-ji in Chofu City, Tokyo, is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Tokyo.

Jindai-ji dates back to 859 and is the second oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo after Senso-ji temple in Asakusa originated in 628. The principal image of this temple, 81 centimeters tall, is designated as a national treasure and was created in the 7th century. This temple features this old Buddha image, a very old rare one in the Kanto region. In addition, the 650-year-old temple bell, which is the third oldest one in Tokyo, as well as the 330-year-old san-mon temple gate are designated as important cultural assets. All the original buildings had been destroyed because of the repeated fires, hence the san-mon gate is the oldest building of this temple. By the way, Jindai-ji’s soba buckwheat noodles are the well-known specialty in this vicinity. Because, buckwheat flour had been produced by water mills making the most of rich springs here. There are many soba restaurants along the approach to the temple. The first photo shows the main building of the temple, which was rebuilt about 100 years ago.

The second photo is the bell tower and san-mon gate.

Licensed tour guide, travel consultant,

Masahisa Takaki.

全国通訳案内士 高木聖久。


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