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"Bandaisan" in Fukushima Prefecture is one of the most famous mountains in the Tohoku Region.

Bandaisan standing in the north of Lake Inawashiro, Japan's fourth largest lake, is an active volcano, 1816 meters high. It has repeatedly erupted since prehistoric times. As a result, the original cone-shaped body like Mt. Fuji has collapsed into the uneven summit as shown in the first photo. In history records of the eruption, the one in 1888 should be mentioned specially. Due to this big eruption, the northern part of the mountain body was largely collapsed, destroying several neighboring villages. It was a catastrophe with the loss of the lives of 477 villagers. Large amount of lava and sediment dammed nearby rivers, resulting in lakes and ponds of various sizes such as Lake Hibara and the Goshikinuma ponds. Making the most of this unique volcanic terrain, however, this area, the so-called Ura-Bandai, has been developed into a summer resort. The first photo shows the southeast side of the mountain, which is developed into a ski resort. The second photo shows the north side of the mountain, which suffered a major mountain collapse in 1888, seen over Bishamon pond, the largest of the Goshikinuma ponds also formed in 1888.

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Masahisa Takaki.

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